IR Camera Sales

ir camerasIf you are trying to find moisture there is no better or faster way than using the latest technology in infrared cameras or thermal imaging systems as they are called. MoistureView has been created by Restoration Consultants, Inc. to focus on this growing technology. We have carefully selected the best infrared cameras available to support the water damage restoration and mold remediation business. We are a distributor of the Fluke® IR Fusion series of cameras. The features of these cameras make it an easy decision when selecting the right thermal imaging system.

Thermography is the science or practice of collecting and interpreting infrared images. An infrared camera is an invaluable tool in quickly finding and documenting moisture issues, missing installation, air leak, etc. Learning to interpret infrared images is not difficult but requires expert training. Restoration Consultants, Inc. is well known for its professional training courses in Water Restoration with Drying Contaminated Buildings, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician Training, and Mold Remediation Project Management — so it is only natural that we also provide professional, expert training in Thermography. Restoration Consultants, Inc. offers a 2-day Applied Thermography class and also a self-paced online BTT course.

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